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Value creation for society

The European Enterprise

Large listed companies perform poorly. Investments are lackluster, return on invested capital is shrinking and productivity growth is declining. Economists profoundly disagree about diagnosis and remedies, politicians are concerned but at a loss about policy. Meanwhile, the days of easy money to fuel economic growth are numbered.
It is time to explore a new direction by focusing on the positioning, the governance, and the management of these companies. In a penetrating analysis, Donald Kalff exposes fundamental flaws in the prevailing models of corporate management, the shareholder and stakeholder models, which explain why most large listed companies cannot do any better.

On this website, Donald Kalff presents a new model, highlighting a set of organizational and management principles for large corporations that would reinvigorate their ability to generate wealth and prosperity for society as a whole.

Donald Kalff has collaborated with Dutch artist Floris Tilanus to create an illustrated summary of his forthcoming book, entitled The European Enterprise: Value creation for society. You can read the summary (in PDF) below.

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