Value creation for society

The European Enterprise

Large enterprises are an indispensable part of the fabric of modern economies. Donald Kalff draws attention to their poor and diminishing contributions to society. He proposes to reposition the large enterprise and to redesign its governance, organization structure and decision making, absorbing lessons learned by the most advanced European enterprises.

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EU Agenda

The EU is well positioned to develop a new agenda for innovation and economic growth

The EU enjoys a number of competitive advantages compared to other trading blocks, advantages that have largely gone unrecognized to date.
A new agenda should be geared to the strengthening of what is already strong with a focus on the interests of both large and small enterprises.

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Europe’s economic fate will be decided by, and within, a circle of interlinked, innovative cities: Berlin, Munich, Milan, Turin, Lyon, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. Coordination of policy development and implementation at EU27 level is called for.

Donald Kalff, 'A New European Innovation and Growth Agenda' (November 2017)
Entrepreneur and author

Donald Kalff

Donald Kalff is a former member of the executive committee of a large listed company and (co) founder of 6 companies, each pushing technological boundaries in their field. He is also the author of two books and numerous articles on the governance and management of large enterprises and on the competitiveness of Europe.

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